Everything you wanted to know about our strains but were afraid to ask. From the classics to the ones shrouded in mystery, here’s the low-down on the Green Cross’ Cannabis.
— The Green Cross Staff

Well aware is halfway there.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck: AKA, ATF. This is a so-called legendary strain. Sativa-dominant. 


THC    /    CBD:

21.3%  /    0.609%


Helps: Migraines, Insomnia, appetite, PTSD, depression, body pain.

Blue City Diesel: AKA, BCD. this strain was originally created by DJ Short. Indica-dominant.


THC     /   CBD:

18.4 %  /   0.6 %


Helps: Body pain, headaches, nausea, good daytime strain.





C-99: This strain was created from seeds bought in an Amsterdam coffee shop. Sativa-dominant.


THC     /   CBD:

25.5%   /   0.455%


Helps: Stress, depression, fatigue, body pain, migraines. 



ChemDawg: This strain has semi-ambiguous genetics and a mystery background. Heavily Sativa-dominant.


THC     /    CBD:

20 %    /    0.6%


Helps: Arthritis, migraines, cramps, back pain, insomnia.




CVK: AKA, CVK. this strain has been called a "spirit lifter" by some patients. Indica-dominant.


THC    /  CBD:

25.4%  /  0.618%


Helps: Epilepsy, nausea, body pain, Insomnia, depression. 





Larry: This strain is exclusive to the Green Cross Dispensary. A heavy hitter for sure! An exact 50/50 Split.



THC    /    CBD:

20.11% /   0.1%


Helps: Lack of appetite, insomnia, stress, pain.















Permafrost: The strain that divides the critics. Its relaxing effects are divided between mind and body...attention is transfixed and a full-body calm occurs.

Genetics: Trainwreck x White Widow


19.6% / 0.606%


30% / 70%

Helps: ADD, ADHD, Crohn's Disease, IBS.

Flavors: Pine, sweetness, earth.






 G-13: A true mystery strain. Supposedly grown by government agencies attempting to create a "super strain. Split.


THC    /   CBD:

25.4%  /   0.617%


Helps: Anxiety, inflammation, ADD, ADHD, migraines. 















PineTar: This strain comes from a family of pure Indica strains native to Pakistan. PineTar has been nearly unaltered from its original genetics. Pure of heart.

Genetics: Unknown original strains


22.1% / 0.583%


10% / 90%

Helps: Anxiety, appetite, Insomnia, migraines, seizures.

Flavors: Pine, earth, sweetness

Green Kush: This strain starts out with an interesting upbeat cerebral high. Sativa-dominant.


THC     /  CBD:

15.02%  /  0.09%


Helps: Lack of appetite, stress, pain, depression, nausea. 





Leprosy: This mystery strain is an exclusive, grower-proprietary genetic blend!




18.5%  /   LOQ

Sativa / Indica:

30%   /   70%

Helps: Pain, insomnia, focus.

Flavors: Mild, earthiness, woods.


Shishkaberry: Sometimes called "Kish", this strain gives an initial happy head buzz, but once its Indica comes for you, you can't not be lazy.

Genetics: Blueberry x Afghani


20.2% / 0.586%


30% / 70%

Helps: Body pain, depression, stress, fatigue, Insomnia.

Flavors: Berry, sweetness, Blueberry.


Harlequin Tsunami: An interesting strain that does not bring any unwanted psychoactivity. Indica-dominant.


THC     /   CBD:

5.7%   /    8.6%


Helps: PMS/PMDD, PTSD, inflammation.



Maui Wowie: The genetics of this popular strain are fairly mysterious...we only have one half of the puzzle, but that doesn't stop its devotees from loving it. Sweet pineapple undertones.

Genetics: Hawaiian       x      Unknown


17.7% / 0.664%


70%  /  30%

Helps: Depression, stress, nausea, pain.

Flavors: Tropical, Pineapple, citrus.


Speedy White: An "up" strain, Speedy is not what you choose before bed or for relaxing. Think working on a project for a few hours, instead.

Genetics: Himachal Pradesh x Brazillian


20% / 0.61%


80% / 20%

Helps: Depression, muscle pain, nausea, stress, lack of appetite.

Flavors: Wintergreen, sage, mint.