The Green Cross also has a large selection of glassware and other accessories and paraphernalia, for the discerning customer. Peep some of our pieces in the above picture slideshow, and stop by in person to see the rest!






Do you want to drink your medicine instead of smoke it? Try our Vitonic medicated drinks. They come in three flavors: Green Apple, Fruit Punch, and Mango. Each flavor contains the same amount of THC and CBD.


The Green Cross currently has thirteen Cannabis Flower strains to offer:

Alaskan Thunderf*ck, Blue City Diesel, ChemDawg, Chem Valley Kush, Green Kush, Harlequin Tsunami, Larry, Leprosy, Maui Wowie, PermaFrost, PineTar Kush, Shishkaberry, and Speedy White.


We also offer hand-made Pre-Rolls in all of our Flower strains, as well as exclusive high-CBD Harlequin Pre-Rolls.



Are edibles more your style? You're in luck! We currently offer three great-tasting and effective Sugar Shatter medicated hard candy edibles: Cherry Chill, Sour Blue Raspberry, and Portland Pack (which contains assorted flavors). Each flavor option has different THC/CBD percentages. Please call or visit for this information.




We are proud to announce that we now sell our own proprietary Raw Extract Oil. This is the same oil as in our Vape Cartridges, only without the cartridge packaging, so it can be used for dabbing, cooking/baking, and anything else one might think of. Available currently only in 1 gram options, with 1/2 gram options coming soon; in ATF/Pinetar blend, Blue City Diesel, Chem Valley Kush, and Larry. 

We also still offer our Vape Extract cartridges, available in 1 gram and 1/2 gram options: ATF/PineTar blend, Blue City Diesel, Chem Valley Kush, and Larry....

As well as two fine selections from Farmer's Friends Extracts, available in 1/2 gram size: AK-47 and Parlor Blend.



For localized pain, our patients love this High CBD Relief Lotion. Each jar contains 1/2 an ounce of cream, and a little goes a long way.