Special Strain of the Week

Welcome to this post! Did you know that each week, starting on Monday, the Green Cross places one of our cannabis strains on sale? For that entire week, that strain is on a set price reduction, including its Pre-Rolls. The difference is pretty stark, so here's the on-sale breakdown:

1 gram = $2.50

1/8 oz = $12.25

1/4 oz = $24.00

1/2 oz = $45.00

1 ounce = $90.00


This Week's Special Strain: Blue City Diesel (BCD)!


We work alphabetically through our available strains, so, if you have a particular strain that is your favorite, you can always calculate when it will be the Special Strain of the Week and you can scoop it up at the discounted price! Or, you can just come on by or call us to find out what the current Special Strain is.  If you ever have questions about the Special Strain, or any of our other products, head on over to our Strain Information page or our Products + Pricing page...or just send us an email! We love getting emails from our customers.



Pre-Roll Price Reductions

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