Important New Daily Sales Limits

Hello, friends of the Green Cross. We have some unfortunate news for you all. The OLCC has mandated that Medical customers are now only allowed to purchase one ounce of usable Marijuana flower per day. This was put into place about two weeks ago and we have been having to tell all our Medical customers who come to the Green Cross that sadly, we can only currently sell them one ounce (28 grams) of flower a day. This mandate is only supposed to last six months, possibly ending sooner than that if the OLCC is able to sort things out faster. This new rule does not affect how much of any other product Medical customers can buy, though...those limits are still the same as always, and can be found here on our website. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and rest assured, we will make another posting when that mandate is lifted. 

New Products Have Been Added!

Hello everyone! 

We are beyond excited to tell you that we have added a lot of new products to our line-up! We now have more options for Edibles, Extracts, Tinctures and Topicals, as well as a new Pre-Roll. Here's the breakdown: 


Medicated chocolate bars from the 'Incredibles' brand. Each bar has 10 servings total, with one serving size being 4.5 grams. These are our current flavor and THC/CBD combinations:

Black Cherry CBD bar; dark chocolate with cherry, 5 mg THC / 5.17 mg CBD per serving. 50 mg THC / 51.75 mg CBD per total unit. Firecracker bar, white chocolate with red and blue exploding candy bits; 5mg THC / 1.26 mg CBD per serving, 50 mg THC / 126 mg CBD per total unit. Mt. Hood bar, milk chocolate with toffee bits; 5 mg THC / 0 mg CBD per serving, 50 mg THC / 0 mg CBD per total unit. Orange 50 bar; dark chocolate with tangerine flavoring and orange peel; 5 mg THC / 0 mg CBD per serving, 50 mg THC / 0 mg CBD per total unit. Salted Cookies and Cream bar; 5 mg THC / 4.9 mg CBD per serving; 50 mg THC / 49.95 mg CBD per total unit. Strawberry Crunch bar, white chocolate with puffed rice and strawberry bits; 5 mg THC / .17 mg CBD per serving, 50mg THC / 1.75 mg CBD per total unit.  

We also offer the 'Cannavore' brand of Salted Caramel Chews. Guys...these are absolutely delicious! 4.83% THC per serving, 0% CBD. The entire package contain 48.3% THC and 0% CBD.  Serving size is 1 piece. 10 caramel chews per bag. 


This is really exciting for us, because we have been wanting to offer you all a better selection of extracts for a long time now. Here they are!

From 'Artifact Extracts': Blood Diamond OG Pull'n'Snap, 75.85% THC / 0.257% CBD. Cookies Cured Sauce, 62.99% THC and a perfect 50/50 split between Indica and Sativa. Green Crack Butter, 64.91% THC / 0.264% CBD, also a 50/50 Indica / Sativa split. Sour Tangie shatter, 71.58% THC and also a 50/50 Indica/Sativa split.

New from Rel Vape, we have these ceramic nano vape pens! They are totally self-contained and disposable: Dieseltonic, 23.73 % THC / 36.59% CBD, a 50/50 Sativa/Indica split. Green Cush, 61.89% THC / 0.13% CBD, a total 100% Indica. Lemon Cookie Cush, 56.8 % THC / 0.43% CBD and a 50/50 Sativa / Indica split. Mary'n'Berry Tart, 80% THC / 0.9% CBD and a 50/50 Sativa / Indica split. Pennywise, 24.32% THC / 32.6% CBD, a 50/50 Sativa / Indica Split. Pina Colada, 80 % THC / 0.09% CBD, also a 50/50 Indica / Sativa split. Rogue River Shiver, 57.05% THC / 0.16% CBD, a 100% Indica. Tangerine Dream, 59.1% THC / 3.1% CBD and a 50/50 Sativa/Indica split. 


Try out these cool tinctures if you don't want to smoke. From TJ's Garden, feast your eyes on these!

TJ's 1 : 1 Tincture, 3.87 mg THC / 3.55 mg CBD per serving; 174.4 mg THC / 160.1 mg CBD per total unit. There are 15 ml of tincture per bottle. The recommended serving size is 1/3 ml.  

TJ's CBD Tincture, .14 mg THC / 3.25 mg CBD per serving, 12.7 mg THC / 292.6 mg CBD per total unit. There are 30 ml of tincture per bottle. The recommended serving size is 1/3 ml. 


Sore muscles? General aches and pains? Banish them with Muscle-Eze from Skunk's Butt Products. This topical roll-on smells amazing, with Arnica and peppermint, among other ingredients. It has a total THC percentage of 0.5% and a total CBD percentage of 0.3%; with 42 mg of THC per serving and 29 mg of CBD per serving. Serving size is to use as needed. 


This new Mountain Berry Kush Pre-Roll has a 12.5% THC and no expression of CBD. It smokes extremely smoothly and is wonderful for relaxing right before bed. It won't knock you out, rather, it will help ease you into sleep. 

Welcome to the New and Improved Green Cross Dispensary Website!

Welcome, one and all, to the brand new Green Cross Dispensary website. Some of you may remember the previous iterations of our site, some of you may be entirely new here and to our Dispensary. To the old hands, welcome back! To the newbies, welcome! We hope to keep you all with us for a long time to come, partners in taking control of our own health, by our own rules.